About Me

IMG_7113aMy name is Vanessa and I am the gal behind the camera. And with my camera I would love to help you capture special memories in your life so that they may be passed down from generation to generation!

San Antonio, Texas is where I was born and raised but I’ve been in Houston for 17 years. Besides ladyboss, I also happen to wear other hats such as mom, wife & grandma. Yup, you read that right. I’m a 40-something year old grandma. If you are a grandma then you know, it’s a whole different kind of love!

I am a self-proclaimed cheeseburger connoisseur. I love to laugh out loud and dance while I cook. Okay, I love dancing as much as I love photography! (Fun fact, I once was certified to teach salsa dancing!) I collect t-shirts and all sorts of caps. I love almost all kinds of sports but football and basketball are my favorite.

I have about 25 photo albums full of wonderful memories and I probably have about 15 more albums to fill up. The best thing about these is that I can stroll down memory lane any time I want to. So heads up, you will often see me talk about the importance of printing your pictures. I would be sad if your memories got stuck in your computer or phone!