2019 Senior Sessions

Houston Texas Senior photography

As a mom of a soon-to-be graduate I can tell you I totally understand the busy schedule you might have with your own senior grad! I’m here to tell you that March and April are perfect months to book your senior’s photo session. I am reserving the month of May for rainy day reschedules or last minute bookings, subject to availability. May 19th will be the last date I schedule any senior sessions to ensure client galleries are delivered by May 31st.

2019 Senior session Houston Texas

To book a session for any of the circled dates please contact me by email at hello@figleafphotos.com.

2019 Senior session Houston Texas

Location of session will be determined at the time of booking. If you choose a location that requires an admission fee you will be responsible for that fee for your senior, and anyone else accompanying you for the session.

Some locations require a permit fee. Those details will be discussed at the time of booking.

I’ve put together the following packages below because who doesn’t love options! Prints are also available to purchase through your client gallery.

2019 senior session Houston Texas

I am happy to answer any questions via email!

I look forward to working with you and your Senior!


Vanessa Figueroa

Houston Texas senior photography

Giving Tuesday 2018

The hoopla and mayhem of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are over and it’s time for Giving Tuesday! This year I am doing something a little different on this charitable day.

I’m giving away a full one hour session (a $250 value)!


When you donate any day between November 27, 2018, and December 4, 2018, to a charity of your choice, you’ll receive one entry for every $30 you donate. Email your donation receipt(s) to hello@figleafphotos.com to be officially entered.

RULES (Not very many!)

  1. Winner must live in the Houston and surrounding areas or San Antonio and surrounding areas.
  2. Donation receipts must be emailed and received by midnight December 4, 2018. Email: hello@figleafphotos.com
  3. Monetary donations must be a minimum of $30.

Want more chances to win?!

Donate to any of the following organizations that are near and dear to my heart and receive two entries for every $30 you donate.

Click on each link to learn more about these wonderful organizations and how your donation can help.

Seton Home San Antonio They work to break the cycle of abuse and poverty by providing a caring home, education, and support services necessary to transform the lives of pregnant and parenting teen mothers and their children.


Burnpits360 Toxic Wounds of War – A nonprofit veterans organization. Their mission is to re-integrate, restore and build resilience through facilitating the unmet needs of warriors and their families through outreach, advocacy, education and research.


TWLOHA – To Write Love on Her Arms is a nonprofit organization dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.


Houston Food Bank is a solution to both Hunger and food waste, working with 1,500 community partners in SE Texas, feeding 800,000 individuals each year.


Star of Hope in Houston is a Christ-centered community dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless men, women and their children. “Ending homelessness…one life, one family at a time.”


Prefer to donate a different way?

Some organizations will give receipts for donating food and clothing including coats and jackets. That receipt is an acceptable form of entry to the giveaway.

Winner will be announced no later than December 6, 2018 and will get to choose between a family, Senior, maternity, or couples session. Session must be scheduled by May 2019. Some restrictions apply on each session.

Thank you in advance for your donation! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Vanessa Figueroa

Fig Leaf Photography

My Photography Bucket List

Ballerina dances in front of Sugar and Cloth paint wall

Make a list! I have been talking about my photography bucket list for several weeks now. Up until recently that list was entirely in my head which is funny because I have at least 4 brand new notebooks and a set of pretty colored pens to write down all these ideas! If you’re laughing it’s okay. So am I! Haha!

Check it off, don’t cross it out! I put a little check mark by several items on my list with this session. I’m not crossing them off because I would love to do this again! To say I had a blast on this day is an understatement. It was so hard to keep in my inner girlie screams!

Community over competition. Before I continue I’d like to thank Theresa at A Storybook Photo for putting this session together with our model Cleopatra Williams. You can check out their social media pages at the bottom of this blog. Please feel free to give them some hearts!

Downtown Houston Biscuit Wall Main Street

The story behind the dancer. Cleo was not only gracious enough to pose for us but she agreed on letting me interviewing her!

Downtown Houston Biscuit Wall Main Street

Me: Tell me a little about yourself. Are you from Houston or somewhere else? Do you plan on staying awhile?

Cleopatra: I’m a born and raised, proud Houstonian. I grew up in Houston’s 1st Ward very close to Downtown. I currently live in the Woodland Heights not too far from my family who still reside there. I did move to New York in 2007 to go to school and start a new career. I moved back to Houston in 2013. It still feels like a new city with all of the changes that took place while I was gone. I still can’t get over the gentrification of my old neighborhood. I have no plans of leaving just yet, although I do long to live in a more rural area one day.

Downtown Houston Biscuit Wall Main Street

Me: I know you are a former dancer with the Houston Ballet. Tell us about that opportunity. How long did you dance? What has life been like after the Houston Ballet?

Cleopatra: So I began dancing when I was three. My mom entered me in a program and I ended up getting scholarships to dance. I joined Houston Ballet’s company when I was eighteen after many years of training, leaving high school (The High School for the Performing Arts) two years early, getting my diploma online so I could train during the day, and sacrificing prom and graduation. It was all worth it. I got to travel and perform in London and in Moscow at the Bolshoi theater to name a few. I lived the dream up until I got my first fracture in my foot when I was twenty-one and my second fracture in the same exact place on my other foot three years later. That was the end of my career in 2006 and when I moved to New York to go back to school. I had dedicated twenty-one of my formative years to ballet. That was a very difficult time in my life. One where I realized I overly identified with my career as a ballerina and when it was gone I didn’t like who I was left with. A lot of therapy and soul searching helped me get through those years.

Downtown Houston Biscuit Wall Main Street

Me: I’ve been talking a lot about my photography bucket list. Thank you by the way for helping me cross off several items on my list!

As a dancer, do you have a dancing bucket list? And what are a couple of items on that list? Is there something you crossed off your list that’s your favorite experience so far?

Cleopatra: It’s an honor to have been a part in completing a goal on your bucket list! I’m so grateful for all of the wonderful artist the universe brings into my life to collaborate with. They are always such fun and inspiring experiences and I’m grateful to meet new and creative people.

What a great question. So, I no longer truly “dance” ballet any more. I mostly teach it. However, my hobby when I have the extra energy is House dance. I started getting into House music and dance twenty years ago and it served as a great contrast to and escape from the rigid structure of ballet. It’s all about improvisational expression of one’s self. So to answer your question, my dance bucket list includes the desire to travel the globe going to House competitions and events, both entering them and just observing. There’s a huge community around the world and in Houston of “House Heads”, as they’re called, sharing movement in circles and I want to take part. Another thing on my list is to do a photo/video series of me dancing in Nature all over the world. Specifically different types of trees. So basically my bucket list items revolve around three of my favorite things 1. Traveling, 2. Nature & 3.House Dance.

Downtown Houston Biscuit Wall Main Street

Me: Besides dancing, what other passions do you have? From our short time together during our little shoot out I got the impression that education is something you are very interested in. Is that something you are passionate about?

Cleopatra: I guess it’s part education, but I’m really passionate about bringing mindfulness, meditation, holistic thinking, self-love and self-awareness to others, especially our youth. As a ballet teacher, I see myself in many of my students and I think they’re somehow under much more pressure than I was at their age. Just take the state of violence and depression in our schools. I truly want to be a part of the movement that teaches our kids how to deal with their thoughts and emotions in a nurturing way, and the movement that solidifies meditation as a necessary daily practice to center one’s self to better deal with the stressors of life. I love that mindfulness meditation is being brought into schools.

Downtown Houston Biscuit Wall Main Street

Me: Your Instagram posts feature a ton of positive and encouraging words and I love that! Can you share a few of your favorite quotes? And what kind of advice would you give today’s young people?

Cleopatra: Yea, so I’m really am speaking to myself when I post those quotes on Instagram, but it’s great if they resonate with others. They are reminders that I always have the choice to think a negative thought or a positive thought. Many of us walk around thinking that life is happening “to us” and that we can’t control our thinking, when in actuality with practice we can control our thoughts and life can happen “for us” if we are willing to change our perspectives. It isn’t easy work by any means because we’ve been programmed since we were kids that “we are what we think” and that we are surrounded by lack. Lack of money, lack of time, lack of beauty, etc. When I learned that my mind was a tool, not the master, and that I could pick a chose which thoughts I wanted to keep or discard I felt like a curtain had been lifted. To combat the false sense of lack, I try to list the things I’m grateful for every morning. “Gratitude opens the door for more good to come in.”-Louise Hay

It’s so hard to pick one great quote, but this one came to me while I was meditating one day, I shared it on Instagram and it received a few “Amens”: “You are worthy because you exist!” So many of us struggle with feeling unworthy or not good enough. The fact that we are alive is all the proof that we are worthy. Worthy of love, happiness and to have our deepest desires fulfilled, just because we exist!

Downtown Houston Biscuit Wall Main Street

Me: And finally, is there one person, or more than one, you can say was/were the most supportive in helping you become the person you are today, in your life, love, career, etc.?

Cleopatra: My mom would have to be the person in my physical life who knows and loves me like no other. She’s been so supportive through the highs and the lows, and I everyday I realize how lucky I am to have a mother who loves me so deeply. I’d also like to list some people who I’ve never met but whose books saved my life, with the hopes that someone reading this may want to read some encouraging words. Which reminds me, one thing I love telling our youth is to read, read, read. I really feel reading (specifically self-help books) saved my life more than any therapist I’ve seen. So with that being said, I’d like to thank Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Ernest Holmes, Brene Brown, Pema Chodron and anyone whose dedicated their lives to teaching others the many ways to love and honor themselves. Self-Love is the greatest healing power. We change the world when we live life from a place authentic self-love and acceptance. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and thoughts. This was so much fun, exciting and inspiring.

A wonderful experience: I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! I got out of my comfort zone a little and I’m a better person because of this! Stay tuned for more bucket list check marks!


Vanessa Figueroa

Fig Leaf Photography


Theresa Rivera is the owner of Storybook Photography. Click below to see more of her work.




You can find more images of Cleopatra on her Instagram page here.

Better Holiday Pictures With These Tips

The holidays are just around the corner and this means family gettogethers! This also means picture time! We both know that our cell phones will be our go-to cameras. So make the most of it with these tips!

Take the party outside!  If your family gathering is during the day, take advantage of nice weather and do the picture taking outside!

  • Plan ahead and pick a spot for different poses.
  • Ask some of the craftier relatives to include some holiday themed props. I highly recommend a sign or numbers with the year.
  • Get the kids involved and interested in the ‘photo session’ by having them create their own prop such as a name tag or Santa beard. This can be done days before the party if not the day of.
  • And there’s nothing wrong with having multiple spots. Maybe have one just for the kids and another for the adults. If possible pick a spot that’s shaded or have the sun behind everyone.
  • Consider including grandpa’s car in the shot to add a unique composition and a little family history to your memories.

If your family gathering will be in the evening, or indoors, most of the tips above can still be useful. But here are a few more.

  • For indoors, consider the room with the highest ceiling to avoid having the ceiling fan or lighting fixtures be the center of attention in your shot.
  • Don’t be afraid to move some furniture around. For example, move some chairs or barstools behind a sofa. These two tips lead to my next one!
  • For low ceiling rooms and for large groups, make a mini stadium. Here’s what I’m thinking. Have a few people sit or kneel on the floor, perfect for kids, then have a row of family sitting on a sofa, and then pull up some barstools behind. This will create that stadium, wink wink!

Consider taking family pictures before everyone eats!  This is a great tip that ensures everyone’s clothes will hopefully be wrinkle free and definitely be free from gravy or dessert stains! You could also consider bringing clothes to change into but that is completely optional.

Get everyone looking at the camera!  Whether you’re outside or in, one helpful way to get everyone looking at the camera, or in the general vicinity, is to take turns snapping away. Everyone will want to take pictures so take turns. Having one person at a time take a picture tells everyone where to look. This is especially helpful if you’re getting a group photo of all the kids (and sometimes even of adult siblings ha!).

Look for the best light!  This goes for both day and night, outdoors or indoors.

For outdoor photos, as mentioned above, and if the sun is out look for a spot with shade. Or have the sun just above and behind your family. You don’t want everyone squinting in the picture.

For indoor photos, if you’re using your phone’s camera consider not using the flash. Nowadays everyone has a flashlight on their phone. Have two people stand on the sides and shine their flashlight on your family.  This should also reduce red eye. Be careful of standing near lighting fixtures such as a chandeliers or lamps as they can cause unnatural shadows to fall on faces.

Get posing! Wherever you decide to take pictures consider these tips for posing.

  • Get close! For large groups this is extremely helpful! Hug it out! Have a small group? Hug it out!
  • For family members wearing eyeglasses make sure to have them push their glasses up and tilt head down just a tad. If tilted up you might get glare from the sun or light bulb.
  • Don’t say cheese. Try something different that’ll get family smiling. “Turkey”? “Gobble Gobble”? “Dashing through the snow”? An inside joke perhaps! 😉
  • Take as many pictures as your battery and phone memory will allow! You can always delete the ones that don’t make the cut.
  • Have fun! Don’t just get the posed looks. Get everything in between!
  • Add something to represent a loved one that’s passed. A favorite jacket, a framed picture, or even a hat.

My last tip, for now, is… drum roll please…

BE IN THE PICTURE! This might be my most important tip. If you don’t use any of the ones above, please do this one!

I’d be thrilled to know if any of these tips helped you during the holiday season so let me know!

From my family to yours, we wish you the happiest of holidays! 

Love always,

Vanessa Figueroa and family

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Father’s Day was very hard for me this year. The first one without my dad. I had to think hard when the last time I was actually with my dad on Father’s Day. I believe it was June 19, 2005. The San Antonio Spurs were in the playoffs (Go Spurs Go!) versus the Detroit Pistons in game 5 of a best of 7 series that they’d go on to win. It was a great day! 

The years that followed were phone conversations that went something like this:

Dad: “Hello

Me: “Happy Father’s Day daddy-o!”

Dad: “Thank you baby.

Me: “What are your plans for today?”

Dad: “Depends on what time you get here

That was my dad. He wanted our time. Of course, he never hesitated to give us a wish list but time with his family was more important. 

So that brings me to this blog. Father’s Day was hard, yes. But I did have my husband and father-in-law to celebrate. I knew what I had to do. Picking up my camera and taking pictures of my father-in-law with his adult kids would be therapeutic. And I was right. My heart needed to do this. It was a way for me to thank my husband for being so supportive when my father passed away. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to get through the services without him holding me up. Sometimes literally. 

Fathers day session with adult children at home

When he saw this picture, my father-in-law gasped and jokingly asked, “Where did all those gray hairs come from?!”

This session was the perfect example of choosing the right location for your family. I thought there was no better place than my father-in-law’s home since he values the importance of home and family just as much as my dad did. 

Father and sons pose for fathers day portraits

The Figueroa Men. My husband is the oldest of four siblings.

This home is where the family birthday celebrations happen. There have been a couple of Easter egg hunts here too. It is the Friday night place to be to unwind, to talk and joke about the work week, and sometimes dance a little. 

Father and two sons pose for Father's Day portraits

The wood sign at the top is the family name and was made by my brother-in-law.

There’s a small room behind the house with so much history that it was a no-brainer to have the guys stand in front of it. 

Father and son posing for Father's Day portraits at home

It is rare to have my brother-in-law in any picture, much less one with a smile, so this makes the memory even more special.

My father-in-law welcomed me into the family with loving arms since the day we met! I like to say I’m his favorite daughter-in-law haha! He is kind, will drop what he’s doing to help someone in need, loves his kids and grandkids a ton and that’s probably why he is loved by so many people. 

This session is not quite complete but sharing it was a must for me. Portrait sessions can be anywhere. Why not your home? After all, Home is where the heart is. 

Until next time! 


Vanessa Figueroa 

The Pictures I Didn’t Take

As I scrambled to find the last picture I took (with my DSLR camera) of my dad I couldn’t stop kicking myself for not having one that was more recent. Oh of course I have plenty of cell phone pics. But I was desperate to find one taken with my camera. I didn’t even know why at the time. It is clear to me now though. 

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” – Andy Warhol

As a photographer I felt I had failed somehow. All this ‘preaching’ I do about the importance of printing your pictures and capturing your history was what? Just words? Nope. Not at all! I realize now I was just being hard on myself to avoid what I was really feeling. Heartbroken. You see, my dad passed away very suddenly on May 27th. And I threw myself into the funeral planning to ‘be strong’ for my mom and my siblings. Having a slideshow of my dad’s history was so important that it launched me into my frantic search. The image you see above is one of those pictures. 

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”  -Karl Lagerfield

This is the last picture taken of my dad with my cell phone.

My father was a great man! He taught my siblings and I what it looked like to work for what we wanted. His love for my mother gave us hope for the kind of marriage and relationships we would later seek. They held hands often, danced whenever they had the chance, laughed probably every day, and always showed affection to each other. He always said he was proud of us and said, “I love you” often. 

My dad was a domino king. He could tell which dominoes you had sometimes by the 3rd round. It’s a game I’ve taught my own kids how to play. 

Every year he tried to be the first to wish me a happy birthday. And if that meant calling me a week before then that’s what he did. Ha! 

He loved his kids, his grandkids, and his great-grandkids. He even loved our childhood friends growing up. 

My dad also appreciated the value of a photograph. The day we took this photo we had taken pictures of him with all his grandkids, him and his daughter’s only, him and his sons. Every time we came together for family gatherings we’d do the same poses to compare with past and future pictures. Thinking back now I remember he was only ever grumpy about taking pics a handful of times. 

I have since found tons of pictures of my dad that I will treasure now more than ever. 

Joe Henry Ramirez September 8, 1956 – May 27, 2017

So this brings me to why I wrote this blog. With Father’s Day around the corner I’d love to give someone memories they can treasure forever. I’m having a Father’s Day giveaway! To win a one hour session, please email me at hello@figleafphotos.com and tell me why you’re dad is number one. And if you’re dad is no longer here on earth and you want to gush on your husband or significant other let me know too! Winner will be selected and announced Sunday, June 18th. 

Rules: Emails must be received by Friday, June 16th (2017). Facebook messages will not be accepted as a form of entry (only because I don’t always get messages so I don’t want anyone to miss out). Session will be limited to father and kids only. You must live in Houston or San Antonio and you will receive an email with more details after you enter. 

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.” – Ralph Hattersley

Thank you for reading this to the very end! And remember, I’m available to capture your history! 


Vanessa Figueroa

Maria & Abel: Maternity Session

Now that this gallery has been delivered I wanted to share my favorite images from it. This last minute maternity session turned out beautiful! From the beautiful park to Maria’s stunning dress, I was so happy with the memories I captured for her and Abel. (Keep scrolling to see what I mean by last minute.)

Maria and Abel are first time parents!

When Maria first contacted me she was racing against the clock. Not only the new baby clock but the all too familiar baby shower clock! She wanted both her digital portraits and prints back in time for her baby shower. With my turn around time about 10 -14 days we both did some tweaking to our schedules and agreed on a date and location just 3 days before the session. 

Ray Miller Park was beautiful!

Ray Miller Park is located on Eldridge Parkway north of Westheimer.  For my first time shooting at this location, the weather could not have been more cooperative. It was the perfect compliment to this type of session. As a natural light portrait photographer the sunlight through the trees is something I always hope for. And the ‘mini forest’ in the rear of the park was a total bonus! 

New Beginnings

I was honored to capture genuine love between these two. Abel was already the protective father and husband. And Maria the eager mom-to-be.

They were so relaxed throughout the session and up for anything which made this session even more beautiful. Several people have asked where Maria found her gorgeous dress which I now know was purchased at Forever 21.

Maria and Abel are expecting a baby boy later this month. I wish their little family all the best! 

Galveston Beach Session: Brandi & Gabe

I am so excited to share these images from Brandi & Gabe’s session. If you are following me on Instagram then you know my first photographer meet up couldn’t have gone any better! A group of awesome ladies from the Houston and surrounding areas, from Rosenberg to as far as Lumberton, Texas met up in Galveston to shoot a maternity session. But when our model momma was too sick to join us Brandi with Brandi M. Photography was the first to volunteer her and her husband Gabe to step in front of the cameras. (We had other volunteers that I’ll be sharing in a separate blog.)

Follow Brandi on Instagram here, and on Facebook here.



Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

To book your beach session please head on over to the contact page!



Fig Leaf Photography

Dear 2014 Vanessa:

As I think back on when I started this picture taking journey, I say to myself, “if I knew then what I know now…” and wish someone had given me a clue. “Which clues?”, you ask. Heck, any clue!

So what exactly would I tell myself?

Here’s a letter from 2017 me to 2014 me. If you are considering starting a photography business, or any business actually, I hope you find at least one helpful piece of information here.

Hey there Nessa, it’s me, your future you. You, in 2017. I know you’ve decided to start getting serious about this photography thing you love so much. After hearing from relatives, “Hey, you should start charging for pictures” and “Maybe you should do this on the side”, you’ve decided you really want to give this a whirl. You think you’re ready to move on from taking pictures at birthday parties, family gatherings, and holidays. So I’m here to give you a little advice as well as some insight on the possibilities.

It’s okay to be scared. Just don’t let that hold you back. Because fear will stop you and then hold the door open for doubt to come in. Doubt is just as bad as fear and together those are worse than a wrestling tag team duo! Together, those two little words can and will stop you every time. But only…if you let it. Let me repeat that. Only if you let it!

Fear will try to stop you whenever you want to try something new, and doubt will have you believing you’re not worth more. Your mojo will be shaken, your confidence will be rattled, and they’ll make you wanna call mom and cry.

You’re going to be scared that people won’t like your pictures. Or that only your mother will like your pictures. Oh I hear you laughing! You laugh because you know mom will always like your work. She may not always love it but she’ll tell you in a way to help you grow. Like, “Maybe next time you should try this.” You’re also going to be afraid that people that aren’t your relatives or close friends will actually pay you to take pictures.

Meeting new people will definitely intimidate you. But those new people will lead to other new people. See where I’m going with that? Good. And this next little tidbit is golden for us. Your best defense against this fear? Faith in God. You know He can guide you and you know all you have to do is talk to Him. So do it! And do it often.

Be wiser about the camera gear you buy. Come to think of it, be wiser about ANYTHING photography related! Here’s the truth. You are going to wanna buy every single little photography related equipment, online class, or editing software you see. Bigger truth: You won’t need half that crap. (Well not all of it is crap but too much of the same thing can pile up to be crap.) I’ll share a couple of examples. First, filters. There will be some cool macro filters you’ll want. And you’ll get some pretty cool shots using them. But you won’t use them much. Save your money!

Second, bundles! Be smart when you see the word “bundle”. Because bundles will make you drool and move your mouse to the “add to cart” button so fast that you’re wallet won’t know what hit it. You’ll end up with hundreds of cleaning cloths, boring camera bags, memory card holders, and editing presets that you will NEVER use. So save your money! (See a pattern here?) You are going to want to buy a ton of shiny new toys! And even though I’m proud of you for realizing you can’t afford all of those lenses the cool kids are using and for leaving your credit card in your wallet, there will be times when you’ll experience buyers remorse. (Ahem, like those filters I mentioned.) Save your money!

Third, online classes. Now, I’m not saying don’t buy any of them or buy a specific number of classes. I strongly suggest you finish one class before you buy another one. Easy! Waiting 6 months before you buy another one would be a good guide to follow. But the most important thing is to never stop learning. Promise yourself that and we’ll be golden. Oh and don’t worry, you do learn all of this eventually. I’m just helping you realize this sooner rather than later. You’re welcome.

Organization. It’s been two years and we’ve tried to find an organizational tool that works for us and to actually stick with it. We have tried a digital system, paper and pen, but what works for us is using both. Our love of office supplies stops us from completely going digital. We’ll still need to tweak it as we grow but sticking with it will help us succeed.

Surround yourself with a good support group. You’ll come to realize that not all of those people who encouraged you to start this journey will stick around to be supportive the whole time. It’s not anyone’s fault though. People grow. You will grow. And all that means is that you will grow in a different direction, that’s all. You will feel as if those people don’t value your work because it’s not free anymore but that’s simply not the case.  And it doesn’t mean they don’t want to see you succeed. So don’t take it so darn personal girl!

Now when I say a good support group, I want you to know that besides our fabulous sister Denise, the online group we’ve ended up finding is amazing! This after being in many photographers groups where we’ve encountered the pettiness, the competition, and the ugliness that comes with arrogance. You’re even going to come across other photographers that will make you so mad you’ll cry. There will be a lot of people that will test you, and doubt you, and people that won’t take you seriously. But those people are showing you a reflection of themselves. And those big bad wolf photographers will be a reminder for you to never be THAT kind of photographer, or person for that matter. You will say to yourself, “I am going to help anyone that I can in any way that I can.” And you will be a better human for it.

Back to this online support group of ours. It includes a group of “Likeminded Ladies” that you will call friends. It’s funny because this group of ladies includes women from all over the world and the most important thing that makes them ‘likeminded’ is a small but powerful word, respect. (Are you singing Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T song in your head? So am I!) They are all ladies that want to see each other succeed. But here’s the kicker…they won’t just be cheering you on in your photography business but in your personal and spiritual journeys as well. I can almost hear you sighing with relief. As you should. Because fear is also conquered when you have people in your corner ready to be tagged in the ring and fight with you.

Finally, positive thoughts breed positive actions. This is so important! As I mentioned before doubt and negativity will creep in. Just remember all that I’ve said. These are the answers to your most burning questions. You can do this. You are stronger than you know. You deserve to be successful. You are showing your kids that it’s never too late to do what you love. Give yourself permission to toot your own horn and pat yourself on the back. There is only one YOU and that makes you unique.You will meet wonderful people and learn so much along the way. Enjoy every second of it!

Go now. Be awesome. Be a boss. Be you!

(If you are looking for a great tribe, I’d love to share mine! Click here to join the Likeminded Mommas lounge on Facebook.)

Coming to Fig Leaf Photography in 2017

Did January fly by or what? It sure seems like it to me! But that’s okay because that means I can share a few exciting things coming to Fig Leaf Photography this year! Keep scrolling to get the 411!


Studio Type Sessions

That’s right! Fig Leaf Photography will begin to schedule studio sessions. These will take place indoors at my home so most details will be shared on my Facebook page here or on Instagram here and specific details will be given at the time you book your session. Studio sessions are great for head shots, cake smashes, senior portraits, and a few themed sessions that I have planned.


Hair & Make Up for Senior Sessions

I am so excited to announce that this year I will be teaming up with a local Hair & Make Up Artist and offering hair & make up packages for all Senior sessions. Details are being finalized so stay tuned!


More Print Packages

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram then you know I often use the hashtag #printyourpictures or #printyourmemories. I believe it is SO important to print the images from your session with me. I have about 25 photo albums filled with my personal memories and it always fills my heart with love being able to walk down memory lane as I turn the pages. I promise you, it will do the same for you! I will be offering more print options for you to do exactly that, #printyourmemories. I work with a professional photo lab and the quality is outstanding!



And where can you read about all the details of what I’ve shared above? That’s right! Coming VERY SOON, yours truly will be sending out a newsletter! This is where I’ll send out schedules, limited editions sessions, and flash sales! Oh and I promise I won’t be a bug-a-boo. I plan to share whatever I can, and not just about photography, no more than once a month. You definitely want to get in on that information train!


I am so excited for 2017! Which news are you most curious about? Let me know in the comments! I am now booking 2017 Seniors! Click on the Contact tab to book your session!